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Janet was born in Keighley in 1945. She lived for nearly thirty years at Oakworth, approximately one mile from Haworth, the village that was home to the Brontes. As a child, her love of music and poetry was influenced by her father, who would sing and read to her every day.

In her mid twenties Janet learned to play the guitar. She performed on the local folk scene, at festivals and at a variety of venues, at home and abroad, balancing these commitments with her job as a full time teacher.

Janet also sang with the Yorkshire Folk Company and at concerts with a number of popular groups, most notably the Crofters. She won the Dales National Folk Music Awards (for best female) twice in succession, and appearances on TV and radio soon followed.

Janet recorded two vinyl LPs, "Sing to me Lady" (1972), and the eponymous "Janet Jones" (1974). Both of these are now described as 'rare vinyl' and fetch high prices on the internet.

One of her ambitions was to set to music the poems of Emily Bronte, culminating in the production and release of the EP 'A Fresh Wind Waves'. Copies of the limited-edition vinyl pressing can still be found to this day.

In the mid 1970s Janet moved to the outskirts of Skipton. She married and raised three children, still gigging regularly. After moving to Leeds, she returned to teaching full-time, but continued to perform live both solo and as part as other groups and acts including White Denim and Whiskey On a Sunday; even busking in Europe on occasion.

After Janet retired from teaching, her love of music, poetry and art stayed with her. In late 2010 the original scores for the cello parts of the EP were discovered, and, following a fateful encounter with a talented cellist, the audio was recorded and added to the newly-remastered original recording the following year.

Janet died in 2017 following a long illness. Her music, poetry and artwork remain a testament to her talent.

More information will be available through the blog that will be linked to this site detailing Janet's journey.

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